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Posted on Apr 10, 2015

Victor Egwu Honored as 1st “Dike AOI”

With great delight and excitement, the newly formed AOI Recognition Committee presents the first AOI member to be honored.

Dike/Nwanyi Ike AOI comes from the phrase: Dike Eji Eje Mgba na Ehugbo. The keyword ike means power. Dike applies to powerful young or adult men while Nwanyi Ike applies to powerful young or adult women. Metaphorically, the title implies the power, strength, backbone, or taproot on which our people can rely and depend. Dike or Nwanyi Ike AOI is a person that AOI , through previous experience trusts for his/her willingness to answer the call to service, as well as his/her ability to get the job done.

dr. victor egwu

Dr. Victor N. Egwu

The Recognition Committee joyously and proudly features Dr.Victor Nnaemeka Egwu as the first member to be recognized as “DIKE AOI.” The committee reasoned that Dr. Egwu qualifies to receive our  organization’s first official pat on the back for the following reasons:

Dr. Egwu is one of the backbones of AOI’s financial stability.

Dr. Egwu first attended AOI’s annual Iriji Festival in 2004 at Johnson City, Tennessee where he first introduced the idea of the Medical Mission at the general meeting. The idea received favorable ears and was further discussed and approved at the 2005 Chicago Iriji Festival. AOI President Egwu Okey Nkama appointed Dr. Egwu as the chairman of the Medical Mission Committee with the mandate to embark on the mission. The 2005 Medical Mission cost $5, 820.00 out of which Dr. Egwu provided $5,000. Since then, Dr. Egwu has supported the Medical Mission with several thousands of dollars in personal donations; contributions from his peers, friends, and organizations (like the Mercy Foundations); personal expenses on medications; and airfare to and from Nigeria. Dr. Egwu has also paid his dues regularly.

Dr. Egwu’s AOI involvement and progress is exemplary.

Dr. Egwu is not only the brain AOI’s signature achievement, the annual medical mission to Afikpo, he has also been the mission’s chief promoter, campaigner and devoted executor. He helped launch the mission take off as a financial promoter, committee chairman, and the first leader of the mission team in Afikpo. He led the mission as the committee chairman and Chief Medical Officer from 2005 to 2007 before stepping down.

Dr. (Mrs.) Ejim Sule led the mission in 2009. The mission went on hiatus in 2010. In 2011, Dr. Egwu reassumed leadership of the mission under Dr. Immaculata Igbo’s administration. Dr. Egwu also contributes to the AOI’s vision and goals through his regular attendance and invaluable contributions to AOI’s Steering Committee meetings, annual general meetings, and fundraising activities. Who could ever forget his excellent medical mission presentations at our annual fundraising events? Dr. Egwu’s devotion and commitment time, money and professional talents have contributed immensely to AOI’s achievements and progress.

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