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Free Medical Care

Each year around November, the stage is set for AOI’s medical mission – the largest of its kind in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. By the time the medical mission is over, thousands of patients would have received life saving surgeries, dental exams and tooth extractions, lab tests and HIV screenings, eye exams and eye glasses, preventative care and nutrition counseling.

Patients Served

Free medical services provided by Afikpo Organization, Inc.

Patients waiting to receive free health care during Afikpo Medical Mission 2013

The vast majority of patients treated are men, women and children who cannot afford basic medical services. Some have gone years with untreated life threatening medical problems.

Even though about 2,000 patients receive care, many others go home untreated due to limited resources.

For those that get treated, the services provided are literally life savers as many end up having tumors removed, clogged arteries reopened and other lifesaving medical services performed.

To learn more about the free medical services provided by AOI, follow the links below:

If you’d like to support the annual medical mission with a donation, please click here.