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Posted on Apr 29, 2015

Austin Eleje Nominated as 2nd “Dike AOI”

Congratulations to Augustine Okpani Eleje, MD, PA – named as AOI Dike honoree!

This section recognizes individual members of AOI, groups or organizations who have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate in their beliefs, words and actions their commitment, dedication and devotion to the eternal existence, well-being and progress of AOI and its members in various capacities. AOI, since its birth, has had members who have been the cornerstones of its continuous existence; the backbones of its financial stability; the axis around which its achievements and progress revolves; the energetic force of its annual Iriji celebrations; and the tap-roots of its organizational harmony and unity. Since Ehugbo People say that “Ajaa dike na nke omeri taa, echi n’omeyeko nke kaka,” (continued on page 3)

Austin Eleje

Dr. Austin Eleje

The current AOI Executive in consultation with the Steering Committee believe it is pertinent to recognize such members for their loyalty, faithfulness, commitment and dedication in the execution of its mission, goals and objectives by honoring them in this publication and at our annual Iriji Festival. Therefore, the Recognition Committee is happy to recognize Augustine Okpani Eleje, MD, PA, as the second AOI member to be honored as “DIKE AOI.”

Dr. Austine Eleje has not only been a long financial supporter of AOI by paying his dues and donations regularly; he has also been an enthusiastic fundraiser for AOI’s annual free Medical Mission to Nigeria. Collectively, he has contributed more than $10,000.00 through personal donations, donations from his peers, friends and organizations within the reach of his influence. In his quest to encourage members to support the Medical Mission in 2006, below is part of the memo Dr. Eleje circulated to members on his official letterhead as an Chair of the Fund Raising Committee.

Dear Nd’ Ehugbo, The medical mission to Ehugbo is in jeopardy due to inadequate funds. We need a minimum of $10,000.00 extra to fund this must noble mission. As the Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee, I wish to implore you to reach into the deepest recesses of your charitable being and support this mission financially. We ask for the minimum of $100.00, per member. If you choose to give more, which I hope and believe you will, you will be so recognized and abundantly rewarded by God.

Furthermore, in the early 1990’s Dr. Eleje single-handedly hosted the annual Iriji Festival in New Jersey. In addition, Dr. Eleje for many years consistently attended and contributed immensely to the deliberations at the annual meetings.

To read Austin Eleje’s profile and his advice for the youth, click here.


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