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Posted on Apr 22, 2015

Afikpo Children Thrill Audience at 2014 AOI Festival

At the 2014 AOI Iriji Festival and Medical Mission Fundraiser, Afikpo boys and girls from the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC area delivered a cultural performance that got the audience really excited. Some of the guests at the event couldn’t help rushing close to the stage to watch close up as the children performed.

One of the highlights was when Okpaa masquerade suddenly appeared and tried the seize one of the children from the grasp of his parent. The poor boy was initially frightened and refused to let go of his parent but soon realized that it was all for fun before he let go.

In one of the most memorable aspects of the show, a woman (name withheld) was so surprised by the appearance of the same masquerade that she dashed off, causing her head tie to fall off.

Both children and adults had a great time at the event but the children seemed to be especially with performing on stage and participating in other aspects of the event. Some of the children have said that they really look forward to participating at the next annual event.

We thank the children who participated in the 2014 festival. And we look forward to seeing many more Afikpo youth participate in this year’s upcoming festival in Seattle Washington State on July 30 – Aug. 5.

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