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We are proud of our accomplishments. We are even more grateful for the support provided by people like you.

Medical Mission Accomplishments

  • 20,000+ patients treated
  • Over 2767 glasses distributed
  • 620 general surgeries performed
  • 4778 eye consults and 78 eye surgeries
  • 746 dental consults and 609 extractions
  • 8 Medical Missions completed in 10 years
  • Average cost of each mission = over $20,000.00
  • Value of lives saved, dignity restored? PRICELESS!

To see photos of real patients receiving medical care, click on the following links:

Patients undergoing surgery.

Patients receiving dental care.

Patients receiving eye care.

People waiting to be served.

Cultural Education & Promotion Accomplishments

  • We organize an annual festival to promote cultural awareness and education
  • Prepare and distribute cultural education materials
  • Train youths to participate in cultural performances and traditions
  • Encourage parents to promote cultural education at home
  • Created a forum for youths to discuss cultural issues online and offline
  • Succeeded in getting dozens of children born in Diaspora excited and proud of their cultural heritage

We can do more with your support.

To see how you can help, click here. To make a donation online, click here. If you have a question or comment, please contact us.